Report a maintenance issue

Report a new maintenance issue

To report a new maintenance issue please use the Report Repair button which will take you to our Fixflo issue management site.  Please ensure that if the issue is affecting a bedroom, please mention which room it is (either a room number (if known), or location in house (downstairs bedroom, upstairs middle bedroom, etc).

Important Note:  We only accept maintenance issues raised by tenants or maintenance staff.  Permitted occupiers, non-residents or parents/guarantors are not permitted to raise maintenance issues.  Any issues raised by non-tenants will be closed without notice.

If you have already reported a maintenance issue

If you have recently submitted a maintenance request and require an update please do not submit a new one.

To follow up a maintenance issue please click on the Click here to respond text at the top of the email you received as receipt of logging your maintenance issue. The maintenance team will then respond to you within 3 day.

General queries

If you have any questions there is extensive help on our Fixflo site.  Please feel free to feed back any comments to us using our online email form.

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If you having problems logging on please visit our FAQ here. If you have any problems logging in please email here