Regulatory Compliance and Complaints

Regulatory Compliance and Complaints

  • 1.Compliance
  • Are your properties licensed?

    All properties we manage are licensed by the local authority in some form unless they fall outside the selective license scheme and fall outside the Mandatory HMO scheme. The majority fall into the selective licensing scheme with the balance in the Mandatory HMO license scheme. All our property licenses can be viewed on the liverpool city portal at

  • Do you have Client Money Protection

    We hold all client funds in a ringfenced client account and hold compulsory Client Money Protection.

    Our CMP certificate can be found here: CMP Certificate

  • Are you a member of a redress scheme

    As required by law we are members of a redress scheme. The scheme we are members of is TPOS - The Property Ombudsman.

    Our redress scheme membership is D04644.

    If you are dissatisfied with our service you can raise a formal complaint with us which we will deal with in line with our complaints process available here. The linked process also includes the redress available via TPOS.

  • 2.Privacy
  • Data Protection

    We are registered with the ICO, registration number Z1712743.

    As part of carrying out our duties, we need to process personal data. For the majority of these uses we need use the Legitimate Interest reason.

    Use of data for tenants includes:

    Application Stage
    We may pass your data to the following people using the legitimate interest basis. This is to allow us to assess your suitability for a tenancy.
    •  Credit Reference agencies
    •  Agencies conducting Right to Rent checks.
    •  Former landlords
    •  The landlord of this property
    •  Current employer
    •  Fraud prevention agencies

    At the application stage we require you to agree to our use of data for this legitimate interest.
    As part of your application we ask the lead tenant to provide contact details for your co-tenants if the lead tenant is part of a group. We will use this information to send texts with links to the house being applied for, and may use it to call others in the group.
    Retention period for data captured during tenancy signups will be for 12 months from point of application if the application is not successful. Your data will be used for your tenancy if your application is successful and will be kept for up to 10 years to allow up to comply with our legal requirements.

    Active Tenancies
    Once you are an active tenant we will use your data under the legitimate interest basis which you will have granted consent for at application stage. This consent will be used going forward for the duration of the tenancy.
    During your tenancy we will use your data to manage your tenancy. The data may be used in the following ways:
    •  Passing of data to third parties such as credit reference agencies, previous landlords, etc.
    •  Passing of data to contractors for arranging works.
    •  Passing of data to the local authority to enable you to be correctly charged for council tax (and for student tenancies, to have an exemption applies).
    •  Use of data for marketing for houses from us.
    •  Passing of data to third parties so they can contact you to set up a broadband account (for non-inclusive houses).
    •  Passing of data to relevant agencies to allow the continual approval for right to rent.
    Retention of data for tenancies will be up to 10 years. This is to allow us to respond to post tenancy queries and to allow us to fulfil our legal obligations.

    Please note that in tenancies with more than one tenant you will have a joint obligation to pay rent and an individual (or number of tenants) not paying rent may have an impact on other tenants in the property because of this joint and several obligation.  We may discuss rent arrears with all members of a tenancy as all members have a right to know of rent arrears and the potential impact on them.

    Use of data for landlord clients includes:

    •  Processing data to enable us to market and let your property.
    •  Disclosure to HMRC
    •  Processing data to enable us to effectively manage your property.
    •  Passing of data to third parties in the execution of our services, including local authorities, utility companies etc.

    Third party marketing

    We will NEVER share personal data with external companies for marketing services to you unrelated to your tenancy.

    Marketing from us

    We may market services to you via mail providers such as MailChimp. For tenants this will in most cases be to offer houses to re-let or for new houses coming to market when your tenancy ends. For landlords it may be to keep you updated about our services. You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time however if you receive such marketing without an unsubscribe option you can contact us directly to be removed from our list. For these reasons we require your consent. In the majority of cases we will use the email contact provided when you registered online to view a property. If you were not asked for consent at that stage, or did not select to grant consent when asked, we will not use your information for marketing.

    If you have applied to be a guarantor we will use the legitimate interest basis to manage your data.
    which you will have granted consent for at application stage. This consent will be used going forward for the duration of the tenancy you are acting as a guarantor for and for as long as your obligation as guarantor remains.
    The data may be used in the following ways:
    •  Passing of data to credit reference agencies.
    •  Passing of data to third parties for debt collection if such need arises.
    We will never use this data to market to you.

    Storage of personal data:

    We retain data for as long as necessary to carry out our duties. Tenancy Agreements and guarantor deeds will normally be kept for up to six years after your tenancy ends. Information about you may be kept for up to 10 years. Ancillary documents will be deleted and destroyed when no longer required and will vary depending on document type and use.

    Coronavirus update
    We have started to collect data for viewings that come under Special Category Data. This is to safeguard our viewers and tenants for viewings and house visits. This is handled under the basis Group Public Interest. This is restricted to use to office staff when booking in visits and determining the risk of visits to properties. The retention policy for this information is secure deletion of records once the Coronovirus emergency ends as this information will no longer be needed.

  • Email Disclaimer

    Our disclaimer is hosted online to allow emails to be shorter, saving on paper if printed.

    Emails sent from Topproperty Services and the information they contain may be privileged and/or confidential. It is for the intended addressee(s) only. The unauthorised use, disclosure or copying emails, or any information they contain, is prohibited and could, in certain circumstances, be a criminal offence. If you are not the intended recipient please email or reply to the email immediately. Internet Communications are not secure and therefore Topproperty Services does not communicate formally by email and does not accept legal liability for the contents of this message.

    Topproperty Services, Topproperty Lettings and Topproperty Sales and Lettings are the trading names of Topproperty Lettings Limited registered in England and Wales - company number 05820819

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