Housing list for 2019 has now been released

Please note that if you reserve a house before the 14th November there will be no agency fee providing the full deposit is paid before that date.

Please note that we do not charge for RENEWING YOUR TENANCY – if you want to stay we will make this possible with no charge.  In the majority of cases rent will remain at the same level you are paying now.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best service possible to our tenants and owner clients. We have been established for over a decade providing high quality accommodation across Liverpool and have a huge depth of experience within the student market.

Topproperty Services is run by property managers and owners. We know what it takes to make a portfolio run efficiently, and are always here to offer market specific and specialist advice for landlords. We are student specialists who started our company to fill a niche in the market, that of quality student property, in good locations, at affordable rates.

Whether it is advice about your legal obligations when renting for the first time (which is stressful enough), advice about a developing larger HMOs, or advice about where to buy and what to buy, we are here to help you make the right choice.

Kamal P

I had to find a property for my nephew and am so glad it was with Simons company, its stressful enough moving away from home for the first time, even more so when it is far away, but Simon and the team were so helpful from the beginning, any issues were dealt with efficiently and without hassle. Am glad we found the property through them

Daniel B

Top service as described staff are super helpful.

Harry S

Very good service, will always use again, couldn’t recommend enough.