Working practices, compliance and a general update!

As a managing agency we continually update our management service in line with best practice and to give you the best possible service.  As part of this, from June 2024 we will be implementing some changes.

Pre planned maintenance and property management

We will be undertaking to clean gutters twice a year.  We find this eliminates many issues that crop up later and give you the heads up of any issues that may be developing with the roof and guttering at your property.

We will also be carrying out communal cleans on larger student properties through the standard 11 month tenancy period.  This is based on keeping the houses in good order and making re-letting as easy as possible.  While many landlords will not arrange a communal clean on a joint tenancy, but will rather delegate cleaning obligations to the tenants, this does not remove the responsibility from the landlord to make sure communal areas of properties are clean.

These communal cleans will take place during July/August for any relet /or part relet property.

Monthly communal cleans for 5 + bed properties to take place for standard11 month student tenancy


Fire door integrity is now very much a target for the local authority, who will be looking very closely at the compliance and audit trail for any fire doors.  Topproperty to instruct fire door inspection for all licenced HMO properties as well as any 3 story properties that need fire doors.

Additionally we will be carrying out our routine monthly fire alarm tests for all licensed HMO properties.

Tenancy change-overs – standard items

As part of a well managed portfolio we are continuing our previous changes by ensuring:
  • New tenants to be provided with mattress protectors
  • Mop/bucket/dustpan/brush to be replaced on change of tenancy
  • Shower curtain to be replaced on change of tenancy

These items all improve the quality of living as well as ensuring the property meets the accreditation requirements of the university.

Property Standards
As well as the above we are continually checking to ensure we provide the best accommodation we can.  Some of these items are rather basic but with furniture being replaced over the lifespan of the property being used as a shared house they often do not get replaced.  From this summer we will be ensuring:
  • All beds to have headboards provided.  This keeps down wear and tear on walls behind beds.
  • All rooms to have notice boards fitted.  This keeps down wall repairs from painting/bluetac marks.
  • All bedrooms to be fitted with 3 double sockets.  This is a basic requirement and likely to be picked up on council inspections.
  • Microwave, kettle and toaster to be provided
  • A suitable number of seats per tenant to be provided (eg sofa – it wouldn’t be suitable for a four bed to have seating for just two tenants).
  • Where space allows, supply a dining table/eating area.
  • Provide a wall mounted TV set to the lounge/communal area, minimum of 43 inch smart TV.
  • Staging/soft furnishing items to be provided – rug, coffee table, art works for walls, shelving.  This improves the renting of your house and the return you will make and has been demonstrated over time to be an excellent investment.
  • Light shades to be provided throughout the property
  • A supply of lightbulbs to be left at the property – generally uniform across the property, generally a cool white light.  This reduces your costs and allows the tenants to replace the bulbs in a way that doesn’t create a mismatch of lighting in the house.
Utility Overspends
Landlords must calculate the overspend throughout the course of the year and update the tenants via Topproperty of their spending/remaining allowance.  Topproperty will not pursue and overspend for utilities if the tenants have not been informed during the tenancy so it’s really important you keep an eye on your bills and let us know if there has been over-use.  The reasoning behind this is the deposit schemes will not allow claims where they do not believe the tenants were notified of any overuse during the year, despite it being clearly outlined in the contract that can happen and is a contract term.  We recommend you arrange the fitting of smart meters to simplify this – your supplier will then be able to give you an indication of use over a period.
If you have any questions about the above please let us know!
Simon and the Topproperty Team.

Published by: on May 2, 2024