Developer update – making viewings easier!

In our ongoing work to improve our service and the experience tenants have renting through us, we have made some improvements to our self service system for booking in viewings.

Improved Search! We’ve made some great changes to the search functionality and positioning on our website – this now forms part of the main home page rather than popping up on every page.  The home page has been optimised for fast loading but it means we aren’t trying to show a search bar above or below the main menu on whatever page you are on.

Quick Search!  We’ve added a quick search function to the home page with our most common house sizes allowing you to jump in and view quickly.  This includes a rotating box of photos showing the properties – with rents, bills etc there for quick view.

Want to view tomorrow?  You can now view – subject to enough notice for current tenants – tomorrow.  In practical terms this means as long as there is a gap of 26 hours you can view tomorrow – your best chance will be looking early (8 onwards).  This means cancelled viewings can be immediately opened up for new people to view via the diary self service.

Making best use of our diary  We have opened up block bookings – if we already have a viewing at the house you have selected we can book you in at the same time.  This makes the best use of time and the best chance for you of getting a viewing during busy periods.

Cancelled?  This will be apparent when you pick a house with us to live in – when people book in to view and then cancel, you will get a notification from us that the viewing is cancelled.  This is just a touchpoint to keep you informed.

Post viewing  We now send out regular emails to let you know about the house we view, our tenant guides, how to apply, and other houses we may have.  This is dynamic so the information is particular to you.  You can always manage getting these by unsubscribing once they are no longer relevant to you.

We have an ongoing programme of improvements to our service and how we think about how this is delivered.  We will periodically update the tenant news are with further improvements we make.

We look forward to having you on board with us!

Published by: Simon Topple on January 12, 2024