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You can book in now to view the property - once booked in you'll get a confirmation text. In some cases we may need to follow up with an email to confirm the property address. You'll also get a reminder on the day before the viewing and on the day of the viewing - please let us know if you can't make the viewing or wish to change the viewing date/time.

Reserving This Property

Click on the the button below and you're on your way!  All tenants would need to click on this button and complete the online form.  The lead tenant will need to pay the holding deposit for the group applying, which takes the house off the market.  The amount payable at point of application is £70 per person for a holding deposit.  Once we have all deposits and your entire group have applied we will stop doing viewings and will hold the house for 21 days while we complete your application. Please use the link below to reserve this property!

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