Tenancy Renewal

Pay a £50 reservation fee (per person)

This is FULLY refunded when you sign the contract for next year. This secures the house for the new student year.

Pay a reduced agency fee (£40)

We know you and have been through this before so the work we have to do to sign you up should be less - we pass this saving on to you with a 50% saving on the agency fee.

Complete the online application form

You should complete the online application form - the same one (or similar) to when you first applied

Slight change to your group?

If you have a change to your group (one or more people changing) you will need to pay a fresh deposit each. Your old deposit will be refunded at the end of your current tenancy.

Sign the contract!

Once we have received all the apps we will send out contract paperwork and guarantor paperwork. Once you've signed, the house is yours for next year.

Thanks for showing interest in renewal for next year.

The key points for renewal are to the left – the link to the application form is here. Please make a note of how much you need to pay and use the online form. Please use the same lead tenant as you used when you first applied (it will keep things simple!).

Good luck and thank you for renewing!

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