Article 4 update – licensing meets Article 4!

Since the Article 4 direction was announced in March, we have started getting license applications through where the require two things in place that were not previously asked for.  The first, is a current tenancy.  The second, is proof of planning.  Liverpool City Council have been accepting copies of tenancy agreements as proof that it has existing use, purely as the basis of granting a full license.  This does not remove the possible need to get a lawful use for any lender, and it doesn’t mean that any future enquiries about the lawful use by the local authority will be satisfied by having the license granted in full.

If you have a house let to a group of tenants in Liverpool, we are recommending that you apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.  This means that you can demonstrate the use of the property is lawful.

For landlords with licenced HMOs (5 or more bedroms), you may need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.  It is likely you will need copies of tenancy agreements covering the date when Article 4 came in.  Any additional evidence you can provide will aid your application.  We recommend you apply using the link below, which includes an excerpt from the local authority email on the subject.

Please let us know if you need more information!

“Planning permission will be needed for any new HMO on and after 17th June 2021. For any that are in existence, ie occupied before 17th June 2021, the best route for property owners is to apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness. This would demonstrate that the use is lawful. I have provided a link below to apply.”

Published by: Simon Topple on July 5, 2021