Carbon Monoxide Detectors – a change to the law.

There are some changes to the smoke alarm regulations which also covers Carbon Monoxide detectors.

These changes are:

  • smoke alarms will be mandatory in all social rented homes
  • carbon monoxide alarms will be mandatory in rooms with a fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers) in both private and social rented homes.
  • carbon monoxide alarms will also be mandatory upon installation of any heating appliance (excluding gas cookers) in all tenures through building regulations
  • landlords will be expected to repair or replace alarms once informed that they are faulty

As soon as parliamentary time allows, the UK Government will amend the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015).

How this affects you

For our student homes we are already required by the code of conduct for Liverpool Student Homes to have a carbon monoxide detector in the same room as any gas appliances.  For residential lets we will need to provide a carbon monoxide detector.  If this is the case we will arrange this in due course.



Published by: Simon Topple on December 1, 2021