GDPR is here

GDPR is the biggest change to data protection law in a generation.

After extensive work, we are prepared for the changes within the law.

Our privacy policy outlines our terms and how we handle your data. As part of the introduction of GDPR we have carried out a full audit of our document handling and data sharing methodology and practices.

If you are applying for a house with Topproperty, or using us for management services, please ask us how the GDPR affects you.

If you want to know more, please ask. We cover most questions off on our privacy policy at the bottom of all pages. This will be updated again before GDPR becomes law.

The promise we make, and have stuck firm to since we started in 2006, is to NEVER sell your data to third parties. Be this utility companies, phone companies, or other companies that wish to make use of data, this data is NEVER passed on. We fully respect your privacy.

This article was first published in May 2018.

Published by: Simon Topple on July 18, 2018