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Simon Topple, managing partner at Topproperty Services with over 15 years experience managing student and residential property, is here to help you make the right choice in managing your property.

Simon Topple
Managing Partner


Rent Collection

We set up payment schedules for tenants for you and collect rents on your behalf

Signing up tenancies

We advertising to find tenants for you every year for your proprety

Send rental statements

We send you statements when you are paid (normally monthly)

Take out references for tenants

Tenants are checked and if necessary guaranteed by a rental guarantee or a friend/family member


We ensure all properties marketed to students are accredited by the University accreditation body, LSH.

HMO Compliance

We inspect properties regularly to ensure they meet the standard for compliance with HMO regulations


We manage licensing on your behalf - Selective Licensing, for all houses, or Mandatory Licensing, for all larger HMO properties.

Property Management

We deal with all issues during the period we manage the property, including arranging works and paying contractors.

Manage Tenancies

We look after the tenancy for the life-cycle of the tenants occupation

Manage move outs

We manage the process of tenants moving out of a house and returning their deposit money and getting the property re-let

Heavily systemised processes

We invest in state of the art proptech systems to allow us to provide the best service.

Property Inspections

We carry out periodic inspections of properties under management.

Tenant Find (“let only”) Services

Please note that due to the very high level of regulation, including university accreditation and selective/mandatory licensing that applies to the student HMO sector we will require full certification for all properties taken on prior to letting on a let-only basis. This includes a current selective/HMO license, gas CP12, Electric Condition Report, supporting HMO documents if a licensed HMO (PAT test, fire alarm and emergency lighting test certificates), and current EPC. Our process for let-only services has recently changed – more information is available here