If you want a job doing properly….

We often get asked to take photos of a house. Our recommendation for all landlords is to pay for a professional to take them.

Often landlords do not want that expense, so ask us to take them.

This we do, and do to the best of our ability. We have good camera equipment – we normally use a tripod, and use a good quality Digital SLR with a remote trigger (to reduce shake), and a good, wide angle lens (10-14mm). We NEVER borrow photos from another agent unless we have been given permission from that agent to do so. We find that the majority of agents get by with low quality photos, often taken from a smart phone. That normally results in a lower level of interest when tenants are looking for a house to rent.

All of our photos are originals, either at the hands of a professional photographer, or in house. We always try to dress the property, by using duvets and pillows and other props where appropriate (laptops, table lamps etc).

If you are a landlord and would like to explore getting better photos please let us know – in the routine of getting property ready we assess the marketing photos we hold to see if we can do better, but many houses can benefit from professional shots. Prices starts at £100 for a full house set of photos.

Published by: Simon Topple on August 13, 2018