Apply for a tenancy

Current Landlord Details

We need to know who you are renting from

Copy of ID and proof of address

We need a copy of ID to verify your right to rent in the UK. You can photo this from the form or upload a scanned copy.

Guarantor Details (if applicable)

We need the details for your guarantor so we can contact them.

Employers Details (if applicable)

We need the details for your Employer if applicable so we can verify your status

Payment of holding deposit

The lead tenant (or you if taking a single room or residential let) will need to pay the holding deposit

House Applying For

Data protection notice

As part of managing your application and eventual tenancy we need data from you. The use of this data is explained in our data protection policy here.

How do I apply?

Each tenant must complete the online application form

1. Nominate someone from within your group to act as lead tenant to pay the £70 per person holding deposit and to be the main point of contact for your tenancy application

2. Complete the application form here - make sure you pick the right option if you are the lead tenant!

3. Make payment if you are the lead tenant. The payment will be £70 per tenant applying (for holding deposit) per tenant applying.

Once you have paid the holding deposit the house is RESERVED and we will cease marketing the property.

4. Once you have submitted the forms we will send a link for a form for your guarantor to complete (if applicable) and we we will send out a heads of terms document that outlines what you are applying for and what we need from you. This will include important information about your tenancy and what to expect from renting.

5. Once your guarantors have filled their form out, we will send out contract paperwork to yourself and your group and all guarantors (in most cases, for online signing).

6. Once the tenancy agreement is signed you are bound to the terms of the tenancy and the house is fully reserved. Once signed you will need to pay the balance of your holding deposit, normally within 7 days of contract signing. As part of sending you a heads of terms you will have been given an invoice for the full balance due.

Note: Please read our FAQ for more information about your deposit. This is located here

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