Landlord Login FAQ

  • Accounts
  • How do I add an account?

    1. Vist the tenant area above or via here

    2. Go to the section Would you like to create an account?

    3. Type in your email address, along with your forename and surname. Click on the down arrow under the arrow and pick the appropriate item.

    4. Click create account

    You will then be issued with a message that tells you the password will be sent to you via an email. Once the email arrives you can login under the section Existing User Login.
  • I've forgotten my password

    1. Click Tenant Area above or here

    2. Locate the "Forgotten your password" area.

    3. Enter your email address and click "Reset Password".

    A link will be emailed to you, allowing you to reset your password and logon.
  • How do I logon

    1. Click Tenant Area above or here

    2. Enter your registered email address and password. 3. Click Login.
  • Landlord area
  • What can I do online?

    As a landlord you are able to see the following information:

    • Statement Preview
    • Rent Summary
    •  Maintenance Jobs Summary
    •  Landlord Notes Summary
    •  Maintenance Certificates Summary
  • I can't open my rent statements!

    Some rental statements are created without the "pdf" attachment. Locate the downloaded file in Explorer and rename them to "".pdf. This will then open up in Adobe PDF reader or equivilent. If you continue to have issues please email us.
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